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If you are exploring the idea of cross-dressing, if you are a seasoned veteran crossdresser, or if you are curious about the phenomenon of males who cross-dress, then you have come to the right place.   


The Joy of Crossdressing

If you have come to this website, it is very likely that it is because you are 1) exploring the idea of acting out your crossdressing fantasies, or 2) you are a practicing crossdresser searching for tips on how to refine your crossdressing techniques, or 3) you are someone who is searching for information about the phenomenon of crossdressing/transvestism.

The purpose of this website is to:

1)   Provide basic tips for the newbie crossdresser


2)   Provide advanced crossdressing tips for the practicing crossdresser

3)   Provide all the best resources in one location to eliminate the need to search all over the internet for the tools and sources needed to create the feminine image

4)   Provide informational and emotional support to the crossdresser

5)   Provide information to the “significant others” of crossdressers about transvestism so that they may become enlightened about the practice of crossdressing, and how it may affect a relationship

Although crossdressing is practiced by both males and females, this website is written from the perspective of the male to female crossdresser.

For the Newbie Crossdresser

You have come to this website because you have been thinking about crossdressing, and you are ready to explore the feminine side of your personality.  Very likely, you have had in your mind, images of what you might look like as a female with full breasts and hips. You may be wondering what it would feel like to dress completely as a female, and to be able to pass as a genetic female.  You may be yearning for the feel of some satin or lace against your body, or perhaps the feel of a tight-fitting dress draping your curvaceous body. These crossdressing feelings have been in you for some time now and you are now ready to begin to explore the practice of crossdressing. 

You may have memories as a child or teenager of the first time that you felt a bra or panties, and the mere thought sends a twinge of excitement over your body.  These feelings have been in you and have been repressed for perhaps a long, long time.  But, now it’s time express them and to nurture them.  You realize that crossdressing is a need that you have to fulfill.

First, I must tell you that you are not alone.  There are thousands of  crossdressers throughout the world from every country and ethnic background.  Crossdressers exist in every culture and socioeconomic level.  Some cultures have accepted the practice as commonplace and as nothing extraordinary, while others continue to view it with disdain.

In Thailand and Laos, male-to-female transgender people and effeminate gay men are referred to by the term “kathoey”, and are accepted as a normal part of society.

In American society, crossdressers are often referred to by various terms such as “transvestites”, “drag queens”, “transgendered”, or “transsexuals”, even though there is a significant difference in the meanings of these terms.  Generally, American society tends to view crossdressing as something very peculiar or perhaps even weird or perverted.  This however, is unfortunate.

It is impossible to determine when crossdressing started, but the practice has been written about since early Greek Mythology.   So, men have been dressing in women’s attire for centuries.  Yet, even today there is much misunderstanding about the practice.  The intent of this website is to shed light on the subject so that transvestism can become accepted as a normal practice done by normal individuals.

If you are a “newbie” to crossdressing, you may be experiencing some mixed feelings.  You may be excited about the vision you have in your mind of yourself as a female, and thrilled about making it a reality.  On the other hand, you may have feelings of anxiety wondering if you are gay, perverted, or if “something” is wrong with you.  You may be extremely anxious when you think about “What would my family think if they discovered that I like to wear female clothing?”  “What would my wife do if she caught me in a pair of her panties?” “Would they accept me, or would they leave me or think that I am mentally unstable?” Yet, you feel guilt because the fantasy and how it feels to be in women’s clothes feels so good! These are common feelings that many crossdressers experience.  These are questions that many crossdressers ask themselves and struggle with.

Let me assure you that there is nothing “wrong” with you.  First of all, although some crossdressers are gay, most crossdressers are heterosexual.  They very much enjoy sex with females, lead normal lives, and have normal relationships and families.  I have never heard of a crossdressing pedophile, so we don’t mess with children and therefore we’re not perverts.  If you were to be caught speeding while driving a car in a dress and high heels, the police officer would most likely react with no more than a smile, write you up with a ticket, and send you on your way. 

The first thing that you have to do before you explore crossdressing is to “get right” with yourself.  If you are gay or straight, or anything in between most likely you already know.  Just because you have thoughts of sex with a man does not make you gay.  Just because you fantasize about being a Victoria’s Secret runway model, does not make you “weird”.

There is no need to feel guilty about wanting to wear female clothes.  These are feelings that you have had for a long time.  They are not likely to go away.  Crossdressing for many males is a need that has to be expressed.  Many who do not have the freedom to express themselves, or to explore their gender identity often experience distress.  This distress is referred to as “gender dysphoria” and may manifest as depression or inability to form healthy relationships with others.  Gender identity disorder is considered a disorder only if it causes distress, disability, or negatively affects personal relationships.

There is no way to predict how your “significant others” will react if they suddenly discover that you like to wear make-up and garter belts.  Some may accept it as just another side of you, while others may react to you in total disgust!  It is a risk that only you can decide to take.  Many crossdressers continue to remain in “the closet” and dress only in secret.  Others dress openly and are completely accepted by their family and friends.  Only you can decide if and when you want to “come out.”

If you have decided to begin the adventure, then at this time I would suggest that you go to the top of this page, enter your personal information, and subscribe to “Wicked Wanda’s CD Tips Newsletter.”  You will immediately be given access to many tips, tricks, and resources that will help you to create your female image. 

For the Experienced Crossdresser

You’ve been crossdressing for a while now.  You have the equipment necessary to create your feminine figure.  You know about “gaffs”, corsets, and silicone breasts. You have the basic techniques for putting on your makeup, and you have some nice girly clothes and accessories.  You may even be going out in public and trying to pass as a genetic female. 

If you are at the intermediate/advanced stage, then you are most likely trying to refine your dressing techniques. You are trying to learn the advanced details that will not only help you to pass as a female, but you want to learn the finer elements of being a woman.  In other words, you want to become what I call an “Ultra-crossdresser.” 

You’re not satisfied with just looking like a woman.  You want to get as close to being a woman as you can get without actually going through the surgery, or hormone treatments.  Most likely, you want to:

·Learn how to walk, sit and stand like a female

·Learn how to create special makeup styles like the “smoky eye”

·Learn how to move and dance like a female

·Learn advanced wardrobe, dressing, and style techniques

·Learn how to create a passable feminine voice

·Learn how to create mouth-watering cleavage

·Learn how to grow your own breasts

·Learn how to think and feel like a female

But, moreover, you don’t just want to create a female image, you want to create an image of a beautiful, hot, sexy woman that will have your head racing with fantasies.  You want to create an image like the women you might see in women’s sales catalogs like JCPenney’s, Kohl’s, or Macy’s.  You may want to create a more glamorous look like the ones you see in Glamour Magazine, Vogue, or Cosmopolitan.  Perhaps you prefer a sexier image with lingerie, garters, and stiletto heels, such as what you might find in a Victoria’s Secret catalog, Frederick’s of Hollywood, or Playboy magazine.

In other words, you want to create a “DAMN SHE’S HOT” image!  You want to make heads turn and pulses soar! -Even if it’s just your own. 

Well, look no further!  The purpose of this website is to provide you with advanced techniques that will refine your feminine image.  It will provide you with advanced tips for mastering the finer nuances of being a woman.

Just fill in your information at the top of the page to subscribe to “Wicked Wanda’s CD Tips Newsletter.”  You will instantly get access to valuable lessons, and resources that will take you step-by-step through the feminization process from “newbie” to “hot chick” in a very short time. 

As an added bonus, you’ll get special sexual techniques that will enhance your experience as a cross-dresser whether you are by yourself or with a partner. You get lessons on special masturbation techniques and strategies for becoming multi-orgasmic. Making love as a female is a wonderful experience! 

You will also get tips for enhancing your female partner’s sexual experience.  You will learn how to last all night long without Viagra.  You will learn how to stimulate your female partner so that she gets mind-blowing orgasms every time!  You will learn how to become a “masterful lover” that will have her begging for more! 

Go to the top of the page, fill in your information, and click “Subscribe!”

For “Significant Others” of Cross-dressers

Many cross-dressers are not alone.  They have “significant others” just like everyone else.  These partners may be wives, girlfriends, fiancés, or in some cases boyfriends.  If you are a partner of a cross-dresser, then this section is for you.

You may have recently discovered that your husband or boyfriend is a cross-dresser.  Perhaps you came home unexpectedly one evening and found your husband in your panties, bra, and negligee.  Perhaps you have been talking about marriage with your boyfriend, one day you peek into his closet and find a full wardrobe of women’s clothing including jewelry, high heels, and lingerie.  Furiously, you accuse him of infidelity and betrayal until he reluctantly admits to you that the clothes are his!  He reveals to you his secret- that he likes to dress in female clothing and does so regularly.

Often the cross-dresser’s partner upon discovering that her mate enjoys makeup and dresses as much as she does, will react in one of three ways:  curious acceptance; bewilderment; or utter shock and disgust!

When they discover that their husband is a cross-dresser, some women will accept it as a fun twist to their relationship.  They do not see it as a perversity or as something that is abnormal.  They simply accept it as a part of their partner’s personality.  They may even encourage his practice by helping them apply their makeup, or by helping to buy some of their wardrobe. 

These women may also enjoy relating to the feminine side of their partner’s personality.  They might even go out shopping together as two “girlfriends” would do.  These women do not reject this side of their partner’s persona, but rather they embrace it.  This type of relationship is the envy of most cross-dressers.  Their dream is to find an accepting partner that is not threatened by the sight of their husband/boyfriend in a dress.  Most cross-dressers would hope to have a partner that accepts their practice as a normal part of their relationship, and enjoys the company of their feminine persona.

Most often however, this is not the case.  Many women upon discovering their partner’s love for wearing women’s clothing, react with bewilderment, shock, or even disgust!  They are completely puzzled as to “why would my husband or boyfriend want to wear my clothes!”  “He looks silly, and I don’t like it!”  Perhaps this is you?

You may even question your husband/boyfriend’s heterosexuality.  “Is he gay?” “Does he really want to be a woman and go through a sex change?” “Is he a deviant?”  “How does this affect me?” “Can I live with it?”  These are common questions.  I will try to address these concerns in the next section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transvestism/Crossdressing

1.    Why do they do it?  Why do men wear women’s clothes?

Typically, a man will have their first crossdressing experience as a child, adolescent or a teenager.  They might sneak into their mother’s closet and try on her bra or her panties.  They might get into their sister’s closet and try on one of her dresses.  For some reason these boys have a strong curiosity about females and their clothing.  They discover that it feels good.

As these boys become men, they may not crossdress for years, then suddenly their urge arises.  At this time they may suppress these urges due to relationships and circumstances at the time, or they may indulge them.  They might dress in secret, or openly, passing as a woman.

There is no one reason as to “why they do it?”  Men crossdress for various reasons. Some wear women’s clothes because it “feels good.”  They like looking and feeling pretty.  They like the feel of the satin or lace against their body.  They like the feeling of their hairless body. 

Another reason that men crossdress is that it reduces stress.  When they are in women’s clothes it’s as if a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders.  They feel “peaceful.”  Moreover, it liberates them from the masculine role.  They can express feelings, giggle, and even cry freely.

Some men also experience a sexual thrill when they are dressed and looking like a sexy woman.  As soon as they put on their panties, silicone breasts, makeup and wig, they will experience a raging erection.  They may culminate the experience with masturbation to orgasm.  But, not all crossdressers do it to get a sexual thrill.

Finally, some men will crossdress simply because it feels right.  It satisfies their need to express their feminine side.  The visual personification of a woman is congruent with how they feel inside.  If they are not allowed to dress they may experience what is called “gender dysphoria”, which is basic discomfort with the socially prescribed gender role.  Dressing as a woman reduces that discomfort.

2. What causes transvestism?

There are several theories but they are all inconclusive.  There are no scientifically substantiated genetic or organic causes for transvestism.  The lastest research suggests that it is a psychological condition. 

3.    Is crossdressing/transvestism a disorder?

Clinicians classify “transvestic fetishism” under the category of “gender identity disorder,” according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-4.  It is not considered a problem unless “the fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. When a male goes to therapy for transvestism, it is not because he wants to be “fixed,” most likely he just wants to be accepted.  The clinician may try to address depression that is often associated with the inability to fulfill satisfactorily the need to crossdress.  Moreover, when a couple goes to a therapist, it is most likely to address how the crossdressing has affected the relationship, but not to “cure” the individual. 

4.  Is my husband/boyfriend a deviant?

Crossdressing is not considered aberrant behavior.  Most importantly,      they are not pedophiles.  If your husband or boyfriend were caught speeding while driving a car in women’s clothes in a large city, the most he would get is a snicker and a traffic citation from the police officer.  He would be sent on his way, and the officer would just call it another typical night in the city.

5.    Is my husband/boyfriend gay?

According to ‘Men In Dresses’ by Vernon Coleman, “the vast majority of transvestites are staunchly heterosexual.  Eight out of ten men who crossdress have had only heterosexual experiences.  The incidence of homosexuality is much the same among transvestites as it is among the rest of the male population.” 

6.  What is the difference between transvestites and transsexuals?

Transvestites have a need to wear clothing normally worn by women, and to look like women.  Transsexuals want to ‘be’ women.  Transvestites may use padding, silicone, and makeup to look like women but never alter their physical appearance.  Transsexuals may take hormones to reshape their bodies, grow real breasts, and some may opt to have sex reassignment surgery.  According to Vernon Coleman’s survey of 1,016 crossdressers, most men (77%) do not have an interest in changing sex.  They are perfectly comfortable being males. 

7.    Who are crossdressers?

Helen Boyd writes in her book, ‘My Husband Betty,’ “that crossdressers come from all walks of life, are all ages and races.  There are crossdressers in finance, government, engineering, and other high status jobs.  Crossdressers drive trucks, make deliveries, and fix faucets.  They act and write.  They belong to the Republican and Democratic parties, or vote Independent.  They are heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual.  Some are single, while others enjoy long-term marriages or suffer multiple divorces.  Many raise children.  Some have substance abuse problems, and others have never taken a drink.”  I highly recommend this book for “significant others.”

8.    How often do crossdressers need to dress up?

Some men will need to dress every day and may even go out in public fully dressed as a female.  Some men will dress regularly but only in private.  Other men will not dress for years, then suddenly they feel the urge arise and will begin to dress.  Still others, never completely dress up en femme, they may only wear panties under their male clothing and will be satisfied.

9.    What is a crossdresser’s greatest fear?

He is terrified that he will be found out.  He doesn’t know how his significant others will react.  Will he be accepted or rejected?  What will his family and friends think of him?  Will this cause a divorce? There can be tremendous anxiety, guilt, and shame associated with crossdressing.  The crossdresser may try to “purge” or quit crossdressing, but may often fail and begin dressing again. They may feel shame, not because it is "bad", but because of how society reacts to the crossdresser.

10.    I just discovered that my husband/boyfriend is a crossdresser.  What should I do and how should I handle it?

The first thing you should do is talk with your partner in a nonjudgmental tone.  It is likely that you will have very strong feelings.  You may feel tricked, betrayed, angry, shocked, or depressed.  Don’t let these emotions prevent you from communicating with your partner about how this will affect your relationship.  If you need help, go to a counselor, but one who has experience with transvestism. 

There are many issues that will need to be addressed related to:  identity, trust, and sexuality.  You, as the woman, may have a whole plethora of emotions that need to be addressed as you define the above three areas of your life.  Your partner may also have issues related to fear, guilt, shame or perhaps depression that need to be addressed.  Just understand that the last thing he needs is to be belittled or ridiculed. It is best to address these issues with an open mind and keep the communication lines open.

11. Can I make my husband/boyfriend stop this behavior?

Crossdressing is somewhat of a compulsion.   Although the man may say that he will “purge” i.e get rid of all his feminine clothing and equipment, and stop dressing, it is not likely that he will succeed.  Most likely, he will stop for a time and then begin crossdressing again, but in secret.  Most crossdressers feel that they ‘must’ dress.  It is a part of who they are.  It is necessary for their well-being. 

12. How do I tell my partner that I am a crossdresser?

The time to “come out” is and always should be an individual decision.  Only you can decide when to tell your wife or girlfriend about your crossdressing.  When doing so, truthfulness, and honesty are usually the best policy.  On the other hand, Helen Boyd has offered some basic guidelines as to what not to do:

·    Don’t tell your wife when she is expecting or delivering your child.

·    Don’t tell her by getting dressed en femme and waiting for her in your living room while she’s out doing the grocery shopping.

·    Don’t tell her by leaving massive amounts of literature about crossdressing around the house.

·    Don’t tell her after you’ve just watched a crossdressing nut announce to his wife on “Jerry Springer” that he’s been having an affair for the previous six months with a man.

·    Don’t tell her by suggesting you’d look better in her new red dress than she does.

·     Don’t tell her by planning a “surprise” visit to a Tri-Ess meeting.

·     Don’t take her to a drag club and say “I always wanted to do that.”

What one must understand about crossdressing is that it is a complex phenomenon.  It has existed for centuries and is not likely to go away.  It is my intent to create understanding, empathy, and acceptance for the crossdresser and their significant others.

Wanda Wilson


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